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The Selsdon Park Medical Practice
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Don't forget to check you have sufficient supplies of medication to last you over the christmas new year period



*** Please note the surgery has changed it policy on time it takes to issue a prescription from 48 working hours to 72 working hours with immediate effect ***


Medicine Waste Campaign Croydon


South West London Medicines Optimisation teams are working together on a project to reduce medicine waste by improving the quality of repeat prescribing/ordering systems and enabling patients to manage their own repeat prescriptions according to need.  Patients and carers are central to the process and it is important to recognise that non-adherence may be an issue. The SWL project seeks to empower patients with the emphasis on using digital systems i.e. patient online systems for reordering repeat prescriptions to reduce avoidable waste.

The key elements:

• Promoting online ordering systems to patients

• Promoting good practice in systems for repeat prescription ordering in community pharmacies and GP practices 

• Identifying key areas to reduce medicines waste e.g. DACs or third- party appliance contractors



Please take a moment to watch the video by click on the link below. This has been produced by the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group







Pregabalin and Gabapentin

From the 1st April 2019 Pregabalin and Gabapentin will be reclassified as controlled drug schedule 3 under the Misuse of Drugs regulations 2001, the home office has announced. Please see the news section of our website for more information on how this will affect your prescriptions


 Prescribing of over the counter medicines is changing 

From March 2018 the practice has been advised that we can no longer prescribe medicines that are available to purchase over the counter from pharmacies and supermarkets.Please click here to view the patient information leaflet . Please click here for more information .  

Mild to Moderate Hay Fever is one of the conditions listed by NHS England for which over the counter items should not be routinely prescribed in General Practice.

Please click here for a self help leaflet producted by Croydon CCG



Order Repeat Medication Online

For medicines that are needed on a regular basis, you may need to be given a repeat prescription slip.


Prescriptions may be obtained by:

  1. Handing in, faxing, or posting your prescription slip
  2. Online using Patient Access - find out more below

Where possible we would recommend you use  patient access to request your repeat prescriptions. Your request is seen by the correct person quicker. Prescriptions cannot be accepted using patient messaging via our website. You can use the link further down this page or speak to the receptionist for further information on how to register for this service.

Did you know your prescription can now be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. If you let the prescribing team know which pharmacy you prefer to use they can send your prescription electronically meaning you can go to the chemist and not have to come to the surgery to collect your prescription first. There are some medications that cannot be processed using this method. 

Please ensure you allow at least two whole working days for processing. This is to allow time for the doctors to check your medicines, as they are legally responsible for them.


Repeat prescriptions can be collected from the reception in office hours. They can be posted to you if you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. We also accept written repeat prescription requests by fax on 020 8657 0037.


Some local pharmacies also offer a repeat prescription collection service - please ask your pharmacist.




Occasionally the prescription will include a message asking you to see the doctor before the next prescription is given. This is to check your health and ensure no changes are needed to your medicines.


Patient Access


Patient Access is a service provided by EMIS (our clinical system) that allows you to access your practice online. Patient Access includes a number of optional features, including:

  • Checking, booking and cancelling appointments.
  • Checking your medication and ordering repeat medication.

If you already have an account please click the button below to login. If you do not yet have an account but would like one please click here to download and complete the registration document and return it to the surgery.



Focus on Your Medicines


Lots of us take prescribed medicines and some people worry about them. If you have concerns about your medicines you can ask to meet with an expert to talk about them. This is called the medication review. Your surgery will arrange for you to see a pharmacist, a doctor or a nurse. If you regularly see a hospital specialist for long-term conditions, such as epilepsy or Parkinson's Disease, the meeting may take place at hospital.

Some people should have review meetings at least every year.

• Are you over 75?
• Are you regularly taking prescription medicines?
• Are you taking medicine for a long-term illness (like asthma, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure or epilepsy)?
• Are you taking hospital-prescribed medicines, or have you come out of hospital lately?
• Have there been major changes to your medicines recently?

If you fall into one of the groups above, you should be discussing your medicines regularly. Even if you're not in any of these groups, you can ask for a meeting if you have any concerns.

Ask us to arrange a medication review.

The person you meet to focus on your medicines will normally be a pharmacist, doctor or nurse. They will listen to your worries and questions and you can say whatever you want in those meetings.

How should you prepare for the medicines review meeting?

Make a list of your current medicines, what you take it for and how often. Think about questions that you may have about your medicines. Such questions might be:

• What does this medicine do?
• How and when should I take it?
• How do I know it is helping?
• How can I be sure it's safe for me to take it?
• What side effects are most likely from this medicine?
• What should I do if I get these side effects?
• Could another medicine do a better job with less risk?
• What happens if I stop taking it or took a lower dose?
• How does this mix with other things I take, or with food and drink?
• How long will I need to use this medicine?
• Will the medicine build up in my body?
• Do I really need to take all these medicines?
• Is there anything that can help to remind me to take my medicines?
• Can I have containers which are easier to open?

After your medicines review meeting, some of your medicines that you are prescribed may change. This will not happen against your will. You will need to agree on any changes. If you meet with somebody other than your doctor and you agree to changes in your medication, they will pass these onto your doctor. A summary of the meeting will be recorded in your notes and a date for the next meeting will normally be agreed at the end of the medication review.



Medicine Waste Campaign

Croydon GPs spend £43m on medicinces each year but only 50% of patients take their medicinces as prescribed by their doctor. In Croydon over £500,000 worth of medicines were given back to pharmacies last year for destruction and it costs £30,000 - £40,000 each year to destroy them. For more details please click here.


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