GetUBetter self help app is able to help you with sa variety of issues including knee pain, back pain etc.   The GPs at the surgery may suggest you try this method if they feel you would benefit from the advice given.  GetUBetter was developed  by a group of physiotherapists in Bristol who felt this was missing from the NHS, a virtual self help app so you choolse when and where you wish to do the exercises suggested. 


You maybe referred to the app by one of our GPs or Physio, or you can self-register by clicking on a link which will be sent to you. Please use an email address that is unique to you and select the condition you need help to manage. You will then be sent an email with all the information you need to get started. You can download the getUBetter App to your Smartphone for easiest access or use the Webapp. If you develop another condition select your new condition from within the app and it will be added to your account. The app will also connect you to your local; treatment, healthcare providers or support services, if needed, such as Physiotherapy.