As the possibility of getting breast cancer increases with age, anyone registered with a GP as female will be invited for NHS breast screening every 3 years between the ages of 50 up to their 71st birthday. You’ll get a letter in the post inviting you

Anyone registered with a GP as female who is aged 71 or over will not be automatically invited. But you can still book a breast screening appointment every 3 years by calling the London Breast Screening Hub on 020 3758 2024

Breast screening aims to find breast cancers early. It uses an X-ray test called a mammogram that can spot cancers when they are too small to see or feel.

Mammograms are done by a specialist called a mammographer. The mammographer will be female

Breast screening mammogram appointments can be changed to a time, date and place that suits you. Londoners can ring the London Breast Screening Hub on 020 3758 2024 to discuss options available in your local area, which may include evening or weekend appointments. If you miss your appointment, you can always rebook by calling 020 3758 2024.

If you have a health condition, disability, or a physical issue which may make having a mammogram difficult, contact the London Breast Screening Hub. We will make reasonable adjustments to ensure our breast screening services are accessible to you

For more information about breast screening, such as what happens at your appointment or where you’ll have it, search ‘NHS breast screening’ on the NHS website.

Published: Oct 23, 2023