May 2022 - London has now moved into phase 2 of the bowel cancer screening plan by NHS England which aims to see patients aged 50-59 yeard of age receiving bowel cancel screening kits through the post, thesse are also known as a FIT test.    From May 2022 those patients aged 56-58 years of age will be receiving a FIT kit every 3 years through the post.       The surgery strongly advises patients to undertake this quick and painless test which requires you to provide a sample of stool which is then sent off in the post for analyasis.   If you receive a kit and are struggling to undertake the test please contact the surgery and leave a message for the nurses who will gladly speak to you and offer any support or advice. Please see our section on health topics which will explain more about the programme and some FAQ's

Published: Jun 15, 2021