Pharmacy Consultations for Minor Illness

A new service has launched for patients with any minor illness.

The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)  provides patients with a same day consultation with a pharmacist.

So far more than 200,000 patients have been helped through this service.

Patients can book an appointment with a pharmacist who will be able to offer advice on minor illnesses such as: sore throats, aches, pains, sore eyes, upset stomachs, allergic skin reactions and mouth ulcers.

They can provide quick and effective treatment, either over the phone, by video call or face to face in a pharmacy where necessary.

Around 90% of patients who are referred to this service do not need any onward referrals and are successfully helped by the pharmacist they see.

This service is offering increased conveinence to patients, while freeing up GP appointments for patients who may have a more urgent or complex need.

94% of all NHS pharmacies in England are registered to provide CPCS to patients.

Please watch the 5 minute video by clicking this link, which provides background information on the service.

Published: Jan 14, 2022