The surgery will be closed from 6.30pm onFriday 3rd April until 08.00 Tuesday 7th May

111 - if you need medical advice which is not life threatening  call 111 or go online to 111 which is quicker  you will be asked a few questions and then directed to where you should attend

Attending A&E - this service should NOT be used for routine or minor aliments this service is there for situations which require more medical intervention. A&E is not an extension of the GP surgery

Calling 999 - please only call 999 if you have a serious life threatening situation

Pharmacies - did you know that pharmacies can help with a wide range of alliments 

Mental Health Support - this time of year can be particularly hard for some people, remember there is always support available such as the Samaritians 116 123 24 hrs a day, Mind Matters 0300 330 5450  or Shour text 85258. You are not alone please reach out if you need help/support.




Published: Mar 27, 2024