How to Request a Home Visit

Please only ask the doctor to visit when the patient is genuinely too ill to come to the surgery. If the patient has a temperature or rash, coming to the surgery will do no harm at all. In fact, coming out into the fresh air will reduce any fever and also will ensure the patient is seen as quickly as possible.

If the patient really does need a home visit, please try to give notice before 10.00am.

When you request a visit the receptionist will ask for full details of the patient's name, address, age, telephone number and the reason for the visit. This information enables the doctors to prioritise their calls and allows urgent visits to be dealt with promptly.

Home Visits

In the case of emergencies, you may be advised to call an ambulance straight away, using 999. Visiting doctors, unlike emergency vehicles, may still get stuck in our heavy local traffic like the rest of us! This may often delay visits and starting surgeries on time. The time spent visiting one patient at home is equivalent to four patients being seen in that time at the surgery. Please consider the demands on your doctor's time; you never know when you may need some of that time yourself.