Practice Team

Managing Partner

Dr Alex Trompetas


Director of Operations

Julie Rhead


Practice Manager

Pauline Copeman


Reception Manager

Jenny Wallis


Facilities Manager

Lesley Watson 



  • Carole McColgan
  • Debbie Mather
  • Denise Cecil
  • Katie Wingham
  • Lesley Watson
  • Pauline Goatley
  • Tracy Hodson
  • Sam Sharman
  • Yvonne Eydman

All our receptionists have had training to maintain the high standards of the practice. They have a lot of information at their fingertips and they are able to answer many of your queries themselves. Should you request an urgent appointment, the receptionists may want to know some medical details so the doctor can prioritise the problem. Anything you tell them will be treated in absolute confidence. We ensure that all of our practice staff sign, in their contract of employment, a code of confidentiality to safeguard patients' personal matters.

Rest assured that the rules of confidentiality apply equally to all practice staff, doctors and nurses.

If you are in doubt about anything, ask the receptionist who will be able to advise you.

Please help them to help you.



  • Raminta Uchuvatova

Prescription Clerk

  • Olivia Piggott


  • Suzanne Hubble
  • Jayne Layson
  • Caroline Titcombe