Covid-19 Booster Vaccines

Booster doses are now available on the NHS for people most at risk from Covid-19 who have had a 2nd dose of a vaccine at least six months ago.

This includes:

  • People aged 50 and over
  • People who live and work in care homes
  • Frontline health and social care workers
  • People aged 16 and over with a health condition that puts them at high risk of getting seriously ill from Covid-19
  • Carers aged 16 and over
  • People aged 16 and over who live with someone who is more likely to get infections (such as somone who has HIV, has had a transplant or is having certain treatments for cancer, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis)

People who are pregnant and in 1 of the eligible groups can also get a booster dose.

How and when to get your booster vaccine

The surgery is now offering covid boosters at the surgery. There are 2 saturday clinics on the 23rd October & the 30th October, as well as other clinics throughout the week. Please contact the surgery to book sn appointment.  You must have had your 2nd dose of vaccine at least 6 months ago, unless you are ummunosupressed when you only need 8 weeks.  The vaccine will be Pfizer. 

The NHS will let you know when it is your turn to have a booster dose. This will either be via text, letter or phone.

Frontline health or social care workers can book a booster dose appointment online. You do not need to wait to be contacted by the NHS. 

You can also book your booster dose online if you have been contacted by the NHS and you are either:

  • Aged 50 and over
  • Aged 16 and over with a health condition that puts you at high risk from Covid-19

For more information please visit the NHS website.

Information taken from the NHS website, reviewed on 27th of September 2021

Published: Sep 28, 2021